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Slower Lower BBQ is a competition BBQ team based in Milton and Wilmington, Delaware. Officially formed in 2009 by team captains Mike Jarrell and Mark Stallard to take their love of cooking, especially BBQ, to another level. We've each been back yard chefs for over 20 years and wanted to explore our love of BBQ and see how we would do in competition. Our current schedule of upcoming events can be seen below. If you make to one of these events, please be sure to stop by and say hello. We love to talk about things BBQ related.

Meat the team

As the saying goes, there is no "I" in team. These are the folks that make Slower Lower's delicious BBQ possible. Let us introduce you to the members of our team. Then let us show you some of our sponsors and products that we use.


aka “Shoebox”
Pitmaster – Chicken and Rib bitch – Smoker procurement
These are some things you should know about Mike. Don’t be like Mike.


aka “Earl”
Pitmaster – Pork and Brisket Bitch – Marketing and Design guru
This is Mark and he is a lovely fellow once you get to know him.


aka “Cletus”
Pitmaster – Ancillaries and Dish bitch – Logistics – DJ
Ron is a fun guy and by fun I mean funny and by funny I mean…


aka “Betty”
Presentation and Box-makin’ Queen – Jello Shooter procurement – Runner extraordinaire
When the boys have been irresponsible on Friday night, drank too much and are hungover, Carolyn always steps in and saves the day and gets the presentation boxes ready on Saturday morning.

Let us introduce you to our sponsors. Please support them.

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